Thank you for supporting independent game development and the space shooter genre!  We’ve worked hard to produce a exciting, fun, polished experience, but nobody’s perfect!

If you’re having issues getting SOL: Exodus to run, please check the support FAQ’s below first. If nothing listed resolves your issue, please contact us at:

Please include a basic description of your issue, as well as the following information about your system:

  1. Computer Brand (if applicable)
  2. Processor (number and speed)
  3. Video Card (manufacturer and VRAM)
  4. RAM
  5. Operating System
  6. Free HDD space
  7. DirectX version (if you know it)
  8. Video Card drivers (version and date)
  9. Steam ID



Bit Planet Games, LLC


If you purchased the German CE and wish to play the game in English

If you purchased the German Collector's Edition retail package, but wish to switch the language of text in the game to English, follow these steps:

  1. Go to <Install_Dir>\SOLExodusGame\Config
  2. Open “DefaultEngine.ini”
  3. Search for “Language=”
  4. Replace “DEU” with “INT”
  5. Save the INI file and restart the game
  6. All game text should now be in English

Extremely slow framerate or frequent crashes

There are a number of possible issues that could be causing the problem.

  1. Certain BETA versions of nVidia card drivers (most notably 295.51) and PhysX (9.11.1111) are known to have issues with multiple games.  Try rolling back or upgrading to later drivers.
  2. If your PC has a dedicated graphics card that meets the minimum specs, your PC may be trying to use the integrated video chip on your motherboard instead of your dedicated video card.   Open your graphics card's management utility and add SOLExodus.exe to the list of programs to be managed manually.
  3. Users of ATI chipsets may have some success installing standalone PhysX drivers.
  4. Try running SOLExodus.exe as an Administrator.  On some machines/OSes, this may help.
  5. Try verifying your Steam cache files.