The Commander: click to listenTHE COMMANDER

Born Lunamar colony, 2497.  Originally assigned to the UCS Atlas as LTC to Commander Michael David during the UCS-1 mission, was given battlefield promotion to Commander by Cmdr. David during his valiant defense of UCS fleet upon arrival at Planet Salvation in 2527 A.C.E.  Expert combat pilot; rated level 9 proficiency on HADES-class platform.  Also skilled with hand-to-hand combat as well as firearms.


CASSI: click to listen


Central Automated Sol System Intelligence; a prototype capital ship AI construct that maintains constant communication with pilots, especially in long-range missions where mental stability can quickly deteriorate.  CASSI can operate all systems on an Atlas-class vessel autonomously but is programmed not to override or interfere with the pilot of a HADES fighter except in emergency situations to save the pilot’s life.


Cal Hollund: click to listen.


CO, Pluto Skadi refinery.  WCAF, (Ret).  Former fighter pilot and later, transport captain.  Currently serving as commanding officer of the Skadi Refinery on Pluto.  Alleged dalliance with (then) Commander Elena Shapiro outraged her father, a former EA General, and was rumored to be the reason for Hollund’s sudden retirement from active service and exile to the outer ring at the height of a promising military career. Hollund is a skilled pilot and mechanic and well versed with the political landscape of the outer ring colonies.


Aric Corbin.  Click to listen.


Born 2465, Manna colony.  Raised in strict, monastic life by father (an “Illuminated One” in the Church of Life Eternal), entered priesthood at 14 after “walkabout” among the lawless outer colonies repulsed him.   Became acolyte of Coen Ramsey in 2485, putting him next in line as head priest of the Children of Dawn.   When his mentor died in 2495, Aric took the reins and began to shape the Church into a more forceful organization, inserting itself into the affairs of the fledgling UCS government. He also began to channel the vast resources of the church into public-facing programs like his “riot refugee” shelters, which offered “innocent families a sanctuary from the violence of the lost” and helped establish him as the most recognized face of the solar crisis.   That face, visibly scarred by the “Sacrament of Light”, serves as ultimate proof of his convictions, a fact that his tongue rarely lets go unmentioned. Aric is a powerful, charismatic speaker and a master manipulator.


General T'Jien: Click to listen.GENERAL T’JIEN

Adjutant to Aric Corbin and the Children of Dawn.  Known for his ruthless (if not distinguished) military career in the waning decades of the Eastern Axis (2490 – 2503), T’Jien seems at first like an odd choice for a holy man’s Number Two, but his conversion to the COD in 2516 was a watershed moment for the church. T’Jien’s distinguished military career and popularity in the former Axis colonies instantly legitimized the church and brought Aric throngs of new followers. Irrespective of the extremity of his methods, his results cannot be questioned, however, and the two have made a formidable duo.  Where Corbin is the true believer and master schemer, T’Jien is the sadistic cudgel that allows His Will Be Done.


Commander David.  Click to listen.


Born in 2470 on a WC Battleship, the son of a WC Brigadier General and his wife, a communications technician. The military life was the only that Michael David ever knew; by the time he was six, he could decipher encrypted transmissions at a comms panel; by ten, he’d broken all public records on the TAC/Sim LX advanced combat simulator. Granted early admittance to the Western Coalition Naval Academy in 2486, he quickly proved the most capable cadet in his class, and within months of graduation was running strike team raids deep into EC territory. Much of his early military career is classified to this day. Critics have long speculated this was to protect his burgeoning political career: prior to being selected for the UCS-1 mission, David was rumored to have been in line for a Senate seat.


General Elena Shapiro: Click to listen.GEN. ELENA SHAPIRO

Born in 2506, the only child of an Eastern Axis war hero father and colony administrator mother. Parents divorced in 2516, after her mother abandoned the family to join the COD in the wake of T’Jien’s famous conversion. Her father, a rival of T’Jien’s, never recovered, and began a downward spiral into substance abuse. Paranoid and increasingly unstable, he tried (unsuccessfully) to forbid young Elena from joining the UCS military, which she did the week of her 18th birthday, and eventually took his own life. Steadily promoted during the turbulent years following T’Jien’s Bloody Campaign of 2520, Shapiro convincingly portrayed herself as a COD loyalist, while secretly helping to organize the very resistance determined to crush them.