The year is 2441.

Centuries of war and neglect has left Earth cold and lifeless.  Humanity, divided between two warring factions – the Eastern Axis and Western Coalition – now resides in colonies and settlements throughout the solar system.  Peace, unfortunately, continues to elude them.

A consortium of scientific leaders make a terrible discovery; using newly-developed technology, they discover that everything we thought we knew about our Sun was wrong.  We thought we had billions of years of time left.  We were wrong.  In fact, our Sun will effectively melt down within the next one hundred and fifty years.   The resulting shockwave will annihilate our Solar System, extinguishing all life as we know it.    In astronomical terms, humanity faces an ELE (extinction level event).

In light of this stunning revelation, both factions reluctantly agree to put their decades-old stuggle behind them and work together. Their one and only mission is to find a new planet capable of sustaining human life, and to evacuate every human citizen out of their doomed system. This fragile new alliance becomes known as the United Colonies of Sol (UCS).

A fleet of deep space exploration ships (the Atlas, Gaia, Cronus and Prometheus) are built, and humanity’s finest military and science personnel are assigned to them.  Outfitted with experimental subspace warp technology, the group is ordered to search for a habitable planet deep within the Milky Way for humanity’s relocation.

Mission UCS-1 successfully makes its FTL jump on May 13, 2515, towing with it the hopes and dreams of the entire human race.

As years turned into decades, hope was replaced with fear.  Despair and lawlessness pervaded the colonies, overwhelming the fledgling UCS government, whose one mission, it was decided, had been lost.  Thousands of years of human civilization, accomplishments and ingenuity were on the brink of vanishing.

But in that darkest hour came a prophet.  A man whose face was permanently scarred with the proof of his faith.  His name was Aric Corbin, and his House offered comfort and salvation to all willing to embrace The Sun’s violent end.

Millions flocked to his Church to become a member of the  “Children of Dawn”, flooding it with new members and their resources.   As years passed, the power of the CoD surged.   Fewer and fewer even remembered the names of the lost mission crew, much less allowed themselves to hope.  Children grew up in a world doomed to a fiery end, dominated by the Word of Aric and the bootheel of his adjutant.

Twenty years later, a battered Atlas and its skeleton crew return to the system and find that much has changed since their departure.    Rapidly swelling ranks of CoD forces, following Aric’s twisted dogma, have locked down the system to prepare for The Rapture.  The Atlas and her new Commander must push back the CoD, marshaling allies along the way and rescuing anyone who wants to live.

The battle for humanity has begun.