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Posted Jan 25, 2012

Thanks to the tons of fans who have already purchased SOL. To those wondering if it’s worth $10, don’t take our word for it:

“Overall, I honestly had a blast with my first few missions in SOL: Exodus. These three missions were dammed meaty, and with over an hour of play just with three missions, I’m looking forward to several more hours of intense combat.”

– Brian Rubin, Space Game Junkie


“As fun as it is, most of all what I want is for people to see Sol: Exodus as an important game, a new beginning for the game type. I want Electronic Arts to look at Seamless Entertainment and say hey, yeah, these guys have the right idea, maybe we should bring back space sims… The game is great and its world has enormous franchise potential.”

– Ben “LOAF” Lesnick, Wing Commander Combat Information Center


 ”Seamless Entertainment is comprised of six veteran game developers, and for them to make a game of this calibre is nothing short of impressive. To them I say, “Congratulations on your first release!”

– Myles Milligan, gamesparked


SOL: Exodus is a triumph for indie games everywhere, and is living proof that Space Combat games belong in today’s world. Seamless Entertainment have developer a compelling story, backed up by fun and challenging gameplay, great graphics and a reason to dust off our joysticks. If you’re a fan of the genre, or have an interest in sci-fi, this should be flying into your digital collection.”

– Stephen Heller, MMGN


“Do you like space combat? Do you have $10? If so, you have plans tonight: The nits I have to pick with SOL: Exodus are erased by the $10 price point and quality of the core game play. Much fun.”

– Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade/Ars Technica, via Twitter


  1. Great game, well worth the $10. I recommend using the XBox 360 controller to play this game.

  2. Absolutely love this game. Equipped with a flight stick, this game has consumed most of my free time. The sound of the guns at high volume puts a grin on my face, I wish my doorbell sounded like that.

  3. Great game, good buy.
    Keep it up guys

  4. i think is nice.

  5. Wow…between this and Space Pirates and Zombies, i’m getting my old school fix big time. This game looks great! World War 2 dogfights in space. I’m definately picking this up as soon as I can. Thanks for bringing back old school space shooters. This is like Wing Commander meets colony wars <3 <3 <3

  6. Thanks guys I was waiting for a game like this since wing Commander!

    • gee, you are right ! Wing Commander was a beloved game of mine (complete releases) and other games, like freelancer or dark orbit, hit the mark of the good old space shooters. dont missunderstand, i played the other also through. But SOL (Exodus) let me dive in 20 years ago, with better graphics and handling !
      thank you very much, seamless entertainment !

  7. [...] overtuigt alsof we hier met een full-priced titel te maken hebben. Helaas geen demo (en quotes van semi-bekende ‘experts’ is echt geen overtuigend alternatief, beste ontwikkelaars), maar indien u de [...]

  8. How does it do with 3D Vision? I really hope it does good….this will be sweet in 3D!

  9. Hey, thanks for the link back to my article! I hope the game sells really well, it totally deserves to. :)

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